Integrated behavioral health

The primary care and integrated behavioral health team is from a variety of disciplines and has been researching the implementation of evidence-based quality improvement projects for several prevalent mental health conditions.


  • Depression Improvement Across Minnesota, Offering a New Direction (DIAMOND) is an ongoing project examining a model of adult depression care.
  • Coordinated Anxiety Learning and Management (CALM) is a model for the provision of evidence-based psychotherapy in primary care for adults with anxiety disorders. Initial outcomes show significant results for patients with generalized anxiety disorder.
  • Early Management and Evidence-Based Recognition of Adolescents Living With Depression (EMERALD) is an adaption of a care model for adult depression that is being coordinated for adolescent patients.
  • Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Depression is a model of care for comorbid patients. This multisite project has been implemented at six primary care sites around Minnesota.
  • Additional projects include outcomes and qualitative research on care management, examining emergency department utilization and researching patients with unexplained medical symptoms.



Investigator & Role Grant Title Funding Source Duration
David J. Katzelnick, M.D., and Mark D. Williams, M.D., principal investigators Care of Mental, Physical and Substance Use Syndromes (COMPASS) Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 06/2012-07/2015