2012 BME Seminars

(11:00 a.m - 12:00 noon, Mann Hall, Medical Sciences Building)

Gray = Guest Lecturer White = Mayo Lecturer
Date Speaker Host Title
January 6 No Seminar - Cancelled    
January 13 No Seminar - Cancelled    
January 20 Hugo Giambini and Ephraim Ben-Abraham (students)
Physiology and Biomedical Engineering
Armando Manduca, Ph.D.

Hugo: Osteoporosis and Vertebral Fracture: An Observational, Modeling and Experimental Study

Ephraim: Quantification of the Mechanical Response of the Spine to Shear Vibration and Correlation to Intervertebral Disc Disease

January 27 No Seminar - Interview Weekend    
February 3 Larissa Shimoda, Ph.D.
Johns Hopkins University
Gary Sieck, Ph.D. Na+/H+ exchange and pulmonary vascular smooth muscle: more than meets the ion?
February 10 Daniel Tschumperlin, Ph.D.
Gary Sieck, Ph.D. Matrix Stiffness: Fibroblast Activation & Pulmonary Fibrosis
February 17 Yingjie Chen, M.D., Ph.D.
University of Minnesota
Gary Sieck, Ph.D. Regulation of cardiovascular risk factor ADMA: searching the fire through the smoke
February 24 Brenda Ogle, Ph.D.
University of Wisconsin - Madison
Gary Sieck, Ph.D. Multiphoton Flow Cytometry to Guide Cellular Transplantation for Cardiovascular Disease
March 2 Estelle Gauda, M.D.
Johns Hopkins Medical Institutions
Gary Sieck, Ph.D. Apnea or Prematurity — truth and consequences
March 9 Adam Wang, Ph.D. Student
Stanford University
Cynthia McCollough, Ph.D. Maximizing the information content of dual energy CT: Approaches for forming and utilizing quantitative spectral z-ray measurements
March 16 No Seminar — Cancelled    
March 23 Ton van der Steen, Ph.D.
Erasmus MC
James Greenleaf, Ph.D. Intravascular Imaging of Atherosclerosis
March 30 Aaron Fenster, Ph.D.
Robarts Research Institute
Armando Manduca, Ph.D. Use of 3D Ultrasound imaging in atherosclerosis monitoring and image-guided interventions
April 6 No seminar — Cancelled    
April 13 Mohammad Mehrmohammadi, Ph.D.
Physiology and Biomedical Engineering
Mostafa Fatemi, Ph.D. Nanoparticles-assisted Ultrasound-based Molecular Imaging
April 20 Yogish Kudva, MBBS
Armando Manduca, Ph.D. Artificial endocrine pancreas: Past, present and future.
April 27 Kathleen Derwin, Ph.D.
Cleveland Clinic
Chunfeng Zhao, M.D. Scaffold Technologies for Rotator Cuff Repair
May 4 Michael S. Strano, Ph.D.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Dev Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D. Recent Developments in Near Infrared Fluorescent Carbon Nanotube Sensors: applications to cell signaling, inflammation and proteomics
May 11 No Seminar - Cancelled    
May 18 No Seminar - Cancelled    
May 25 No Seminar - Memorial Day Weekend    
June 1 John Mullins & Sushravya Raghunath (students)
Physiology and Biomedical Engineering
Armando Manduca, Ph.D. John: Ion Beam CT for accurate proton therapy planning
Sushravya: Quantitative Image Analytics for Stratified Pulmonary Medicine
June 8 Amine Issa, Ph.D. & Bryan Taylor, Ph.D.
Cardiovascular Research
Armando Manduca, Ph.D. Mayo Clinic - The North Face Everest Expedition 2012: hypotheses, reflections and initial impressions
June 15

Michael Romero, Ph.D.

Josh Trzasko, Ph.D.

Armando Manduca, Ph.D.

Michael: Treating Kidney Stones with Fruit Flies

Josh: Beyond Sparsity: Strategies for Exploiting Redundancy in Higher-dimensional MRI Applications

June 22

Simon Gibbons, Ph.D.
Physiology and Biomedical Engineering

Lingyun Chen, Ph.D.
Medical Physics

Beth Schueler, Ph.D.

Simon: Cellular Changes in Diabetic Gastroparesis and Other Motility Disorders

Lingyun: A Radiation Dose Reduction Approach in CT: Volume-of-interest Scanning Technique

June 29

Virgina Miller, Ph.D.
Physiology and Biomedical Engineering

Lucas Carlstrom (student)
Molecular Neuroscience

Armando Manduca, Ph.D.

Virginia: Translating Basic Science to Clinical Trials

Lucas: Functional Recovery After Spinal Cord Injury by Activation State-Dependent Remodeling of Integrin Adhesions

July 6 No Seminar - Independence Day    
July 13

Emily Knight

Tom Cheever, Ph.D.
Neurologic Surgery

Armando Manduca, Ph.D.

Emily: fMRI and Neurochemistry: a combined approach to understanding Deep Brain Stimulation

Tom: Guidance Signal Amplification in Neural Wiring

July 20 No Seminar - Cancelled    
July 27

Prashanthi Vemuri, Ph.D.

Douglas Van Citters, Ph.D.
Orthopedic Surgery

Armando Manduca, Ph.D.

Prashanthi: Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease

Douglas: The Retrieval Laboratory in Orthopedics: Learning from Failures

August 3 Richard Ehman, M.D.
Armando Manduca, Ph.D. Developing and Translating New Medical Imaging Technology: Lessons Learned
August 10 Bootcamp Gary Sieck, Ph.D.  
August 17 Xiaoming Zhang, Ph.D.
Ultrasound Imaging
James Greenleaf, Ph.D. Surface Wave Elastography for Measuring Lung Elastic Properties
August 24 David Stoltz, M.D., Ph.D.
University Of Iowa
Y.S. Prakash, M.D., Ph.D. Understanding Cystic Fibrosis (CF) Pathogenesis with a Porcine CF Model
August 31 No Seminar - Labor Day Weekend    
September 7 Chunfeng Zhao, M.D.
Armando Manduca, Ph.D. Engineering Solution for Tendon Repair
September 14 Xinhui Duan, Ph.D.
Shuai Leng, Ph.D.
Cynthia McCollough, Ph.D.

Xinhui: Differentiating Kidney Stone Types Using Quantitative Morphological Information from CT images

Shuai: Heterogeneity Scores for Differentiating Small Renal Masses Using Contrast Enhanced CT

September 21 Stanislav Emelianov, Ph.D.
University of Texas at Austin
Xiaoming Zhang, Ph.D. Towards Clinical Translation of Ultrasound-Guided Photoacoustic Imaging
September 28 Jennifer Klein
University of Wisconsin, Lacrosse
Thomas Burghardt, Ph.D. Functional and structural impact of muscle protein oxidation
October 5 No Seminar - Cancelled    
October 12 Erik Ritman, M.D. Ph.D.
Physiology and Biomedical Engineering
Armando Manduca, Ph.D. Quantitation of Coronary Artery Stenosis - Roles of Normal Variability, Maturation and Exercise Capacity
October 19 William Lafayette Mondy, Ph.D.
Medical University of South Carolina
Erik Ritman, M.D. Ph.D. Tissue Engineering: The Design and Production of 3D Tissues for Replacement/Transplant Therapy
October 26 Santanu Bhattacharya, Ph.D.
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Dev Mukhopadhyay, Ph.D. Endocytosis Mechanism of DNA Conjugated SWCNTs for Endothelial Cells
November 2 Brian Davis, M.D. Ph.D.
Radiation Oncology
Armando Manduca, Ph.D. Technical Advances in Brachytherapy and External Radiation Therapy for the Management of Prostate Cancer
November 9 Iwona M Jasiuk, Ph.D.
University of Illinois
Kai-Nan An, Ph.D. Multiscale Characterization and Modeling of Bone
November 16 Bogdan Dzyubak (student) & Paul Weavers (student)
Physiology and Biomedical Engineering
Armando Manduca, Ph.D.

Bogdan: Automated Liver Stiffness Measurement with Magnetic Resonance Elastography

Paul: Acceleration Apportionment for Improved 2D SENSE Accelerated 3D Contrast-Enhanced Time-Resolved Magnetic Resonance Angiography

November 23 No Seminar - Thanksgiving Day Weekend    
November 30 Carolyn M. Roos, M.S.
Bin Zhang, M.D.
Jordan Miller, Ph.D.

Carolyn: Aorta and aortic valve display different transcriptional and phenotypic changes with aging and MnSOD deficiency in mice

Bin: Modulation of valve calcification by NO: from transgenes to treatment

December 7 David Jones, M.D.
Clinician Investigator
Armando Manduca, Ph.D. Using Task-Free fMRI to Measure Neural Networks and Network-Based Neurodegeneration
December 14 Virgina Miller, Ph.D. Physiology and Biomedical Engineering Armando Manduca, Ph.D. Mayo Specialized Center for Research of Sex Differences: implications for individualized medicine
December 21 Bruce Fouke, Ph.D.
University of Illinois
John Lieske, M.D. Biomineralization in Hot Springs, Coral Reefs, and the Human Kidney
December 28 No Seminar - New Year's Weekend