The newly established Mayo Clinic Center for Immunology and Immune Therapies and Department of Immunology jointly sponsored and hosted the inaugural Immunology Grand Rounds in Fall 2012. This redesign of the of the Department of Immunology's seminar series recognized the central importance of the immune system in health and disease and the large number of investigators at Mayo Clinic whose research involves immunology and inflammation.

Immunology Grand Rounds seminars 2013
Date Name Affiliation
1/3/2013 Dr. Allan B. Dietz Mayo Clinic
1/10/2013 Dr. Gregory A. Poland Mayo Clinic, Vaccine Research
1/17/2013 Dr. Andrew H. Limper Mayo Clinic, Pulmonary Medicine
1/24/2013 Dr. Mark D. Stegall Mayo Clinic
2/7/2013 Dr. William A. Faubion Mayo Clinic
2/21/2013 TBA  
2/28/2013 Dr. Andrew D. Badley Mayo Clinic
3/7/2013 Dr. Svetomir N. Markovic Mayo Clinic
3/14/2013 Dr. Dorian McGavern* National Institutes of Health (NIH)
3/21/2013 TBA  
3/28/2013 Dr. Richard G.Vile Mayo Clinic
4/4/2013 Dr. Chuck L. Howe Mayo Clinic
4/11/2013 Dr. Roberto Cattaneo Mayo Clinic, Molecular Medicine
4/18/2013 TBA  
4/25/2013 TBA  
5/9/2013 Dr. Sandra J. Gendler Mayo Clinic
5/16/2013 TBA  
5/23/2013 Dr. Stephen M. Ansell Mayo Clinic, Hematology
5/30/2013 TBA  
6/6/2013 Dr. Claudia F. Lucchinetti Mayo Clinic, Neurology

*Visiting faculty seminars are supported by Mayo Graduate School.