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Modeling Survival Data: Extending the Cox Model
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For the most recent versions of the kinship, rpart, and survival libraries, please go to the Biostatistics Splus page

Selected presentations

Selected reports

Documentation of the construction and sources for the rate tables survexp.us, survexp.usr, survexp.az, etc. This also discusses user created rate tables and gives an example related to smoking risk. The smoking data for the table is in the survival5 test suite. Report [18/Feb/1999]

"A Package of Survival Routines for S". The section on parametric models has been updated to reflect the new additions in that area. Report [27/Jan/1999]

Documentation and programs for the construction of the date class for Splus version 5. This class is just complex enough to be interesting, but simple enough to be pedagogically useful. Report and programs [18/Jan/1999]

The addition of penalized regression to the Cox and accelerated failure time models. Random effects (frailty), smoothing splines and ridge regression are special cases.
Report [17/Nov/1998]