Biomedical Statistics and Informatics (BSI) supports the Mayo research community. In addition to providing client services and research collaboration, members of our Division are active in various institutional initiatives surrounding data acquisition and management. Among others, we are closely connected to the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, Center for Translational Science Activities (CTSA), Center for Individualized Medicine (CIM), and the Comprehensive Research Management System (CRMS).

BSI is comprised of four sections focusing on clinical statistics, cancer research, computational genomics, medical informatics; and two units focusing on data management and project management.

  • Clinical Statistics: Collaborates with researchers across Mayo on more than 2,000 ongoing institutionally and nationally funded investigations; and supports a number of research programs, including the Rochester Epidemiology Project.
  • Cancer Center Statistics: Focuses on the development, conduct and analysis of cancer clinical trials and other research generated by the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center and its affiliated programs, including the North Central Cancer Treatment Group.
  • Computational Genomics: Collaborates with researchers focusing on genetic, genomic, and proteomic data; and supports Mayo initiatives such as the Center for Individualized Medicine (CIM).
  • Medical Informatics: Conducts applied informatics research on structured medical records. This section includes experts in medical natural language processing (NLP), data integration, retrieval query interpretation, and information transforms.
  • Data Management Services: Shares data retrieval and management expertise with the research community, including collaboration on EMME, CTMS and CRMS.
  • Project Management Office: Offers program management of externally funded cross-site consortiums/research collaborations; and offers support for internally driven projects using the tools of project management, quality improvement methodologies and change management.

BSI provides institutional and national leadership for (among others):

  • Center for Translational Science Activities (CTSA)
  • Mayo Clinic Cancer Center
  • Center for Individualized Medicine (CIM)
  • Research Laboratory Information Management System (RLIMS)
  • Enterprise Data Trust (EDT), DDQB
  • Mayo’s Enterprise Managed Metadata Environment (EMME)
  • Clinical Trials Management System (CTMS)
  • Comprehensive Research Management Services (CRMS)
  • Data Stewardship, Data Governance
  • ICD-10 conversion
  • HL7 (the dominant health information standards effort internationally)
  • ISO TC215 on Health Informatics
  • The ANSCI Health Informatics Standards Board


To improve human health and enhance the understanding of human disease through excellence in the field of Biomedical Statistics and Informatics.


Develop, maintain, and promote state of the art analytical and informatics methods and expertise in order to provide high-value collaboration and research services for investigators involved in basic science, translational and clinical research.

Our work

In addition to general consulting on over 2,000 ongoing investigations, this group provides core statistical support for a number of major projects such as the Mayo Cancer Center and North Central Cancer Treatment Group (NCCTG), the Mayo Clinical Research Unit (CRU), the Rochester Epidemiology Project, the Alzheimer's Disease Center, and Program Projects such as the Mayo Stroke Center and the Mayo Study of Bone Metabolism in Aging. As a consequence, over half of the doctoral staff are extramurally supported.