Clinical Research

The goal of clinical research is to understand the causes of disease and identify effective treatments and methods of prevention. Faculty in the department are engaged in clinical research related to headache, depression, calcium and vitamin D nutrition, obesity, women's health issues, and global health.

The department of family medicine seeks to initiate in participate in research projects that will enhance the well being of our patient populations and improve their medical care.

We do this through the study of our patterns of care, through focused study on specific problems that represent common or important conditions experienced by the patients we serve, and through the areas of focused interest that our specialists in Family Medicine each has a focus of their career.

We believe that a strong clinical practice base founded on taking the best care of each patient is the support from which our ability to contribute to the medical literature originates. From this we encounter clinical questions that we feel need to be answered to provide improved outcomes for our patient group.

Through networking and access to resources at the Mayo Clinic we are able to design studies that will address these questions so that we might better understand them. In so doing we hope to contribute to the overall progress in understanding of diseases and treatments that will help our patients in particular as well as humanity in general.

Much of our research is epidemiological using charts for review when patients have granted permission for such data to be gathered. We respect and appreciate the willingness of our patients to participate in research and take the utmost precautions to use this information in a secure way in accordance with all standard policies and procedures of the Mayo Clinic.

All studies done through Mayo Family Medicine are reviewed for safety and ethical issues by the Mayo Clinic Institutional Review Board, which meets the highest national standards for such review and oversight.