Meet Our Student

Tiffany Hoage

A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Stout's Applied Science program, Tiffany Hoage became a Mayo Graduate School student in 2006. Currently, Tiffany is conducting her thesis work in Dr. Xiaolei Xu's lab, where she and other lab members are establishing zebrafish models of cardiac hypertrophy (enlargement of the heart) to identify the cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in cardiac hypertrophy, as well as screen for potential therapeutics. One model under investigation initially exhibits hypertrophy and later hyperplasia (increased number) of cardiac myocytes (heart cells). Tiffany is focusing on the mechanisms that result in the transition to hyperplasia, including how the Wnt pathway and cardiac stem cells are involved. In addition to research, Tiffany has been actively involved in the Graduate Student Association as First-Year Representative and BMB Representative and enjoys volunteering, traveling, spending time outdoors, surfing the internet, reading, and watching game shows.