Third Mayo Clinic Angiogenesis Symposium

State of the Art Connections From Biology to Translational Medicine

October 24-26, 2008

Program Directors:

The 2008 symposium included a memoriam to Dr. Judah Folkman, pioneer of the field of angiogenesis. Past colleagues, as well as friends and his wife, Paula, were present to give tribute to his life and legacy. Dr. Kari Alitalo presented the Memorial Lecture in Dr. Folkman's honor. Basic science and clinical experts in the field of angiogenesis exchanged ideas and science involving basic biology, pathways of angiogenesis, and new anti-angiogenic agents for specific targeting of tumor blood vessels and stroma. Clinician scientists presented the results of ongoing clinical trials on anti-angiogenic therapy. Attendance numbers included close to 200 researchers and clinicians and 32 world-renowned speakers. This year's Michael A. O'Connor Awardees, Drs. Napoleone Ferrara (Genentech, Inc.), Philip Greipp (Mayo Clinic), Donald McDonald (UCSF) and Philip Thorpe (UT Southwestern), were just a few of the prominent speakers. Several Young Investigator poster awards were sponsored through the generosity of Mrs. O'Connor-Urban.