Fourth International Symposium for Ayurveda and Health

Applications of Ayurvedic Principles in Modern Medicine

October 6, 2007

Program Chair:

Program Co-Chairs:

Symposium Advisory Board Chair:

  • Amala Guha, Ph.D., MPH, MA – Univ. of CT

The main goal of this CME accredited symposium was to learn about various aspects of Ayurvedic practices/research in the U.S. Joint sponsors were the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, The International Society for Ayurveda and Health (ISAH), and Mayo Clinic [Dept. of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology and the Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CIM) Program]. This was a unique symposium that focused on the critical principles and concepts of Ayurvedic medicine as an approach to wellness. The topics ranged from yoga, acupuncture, tulsi tea, and meditation to clinical case studies on neurocognitive function, stroke, and Alzheimer's disease to more research based lectures on lead poisoning and nanotechnology.

Attendance numbers included over 70 researchers, students, and clinicians and 15 world-renowned speakers. The two plenary lectures were given by Dr. Amala Guha from the University of Connecticut and by Dr. Idranill Basu Ray from Harvard Medical School. Rep. Tina Leibling was also on hand to assist with the welcome and traditional lamp lighting ceremony.