Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Student Symposium

Stem Cells and Regeneration

October 20, 2008

Program Directors:

  • Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Graduate Student Body

Each year, the students of the Mayo Graduate School’s BMB Program choose a cutting-edge research topic and gather nationally-renowned speakers in that field. The 2008 symposium was on Stem Cells and Regeneration. It was our honor to have Drs. John Gearhart (M.D.), Judith Kimble (Ph.D.), Randall Moon (Ph.D.), Jonathan Slack (Ph.D.), Alan Spradling (Ph.D.), and Catherine Verfaillie (M.D.) share with us the current field of stem cells and regeneration and the future therapeutic applications of such technologies. In addition, the symposium included a poster session that highlighted the diverse research being conducted by Mayo graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and baccalaureate fellows.