Department Accomplishments

Faculty Awards

Stephen C. Ekker, Ph.D.
Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

The Mayo Addiction Research Center (MARC), a multidisciplinary center focusing on addiction research, education and treatment, named Stephen Ekker, Ph.D., as its first director. In addition to addiction science research, MARC will focus on training the next generation of scientists and clinicians in addiction research and treatment, as well as educating current health care providers, patients and the public about the complex behavioral, neurological and genomic components of addiction.

Dr. Ekker has been funded over the past decade by the National Institute on Drug Abuse for the development of zebrafish for addiction research.

Peter C. Harris, Ph.D.
Professor, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Medicine

Homer Smith Award from the American Society of Nephrology

Rajiv Kumar, M.D.
Professor, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Medicine

E.V. McCollum Award from the American Society for Nutrition

Louis V. Avioli Founders Award from the American Society of Bone and Mineral Metabolism

Edward B. Leof, Ph.D.
Professor, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Medicine

Merit award from the National Institute of General Medical Sciences (NIGMS)

Dr. Leof's research interest focuses on transforming growth factor-ß; and its downstream pathways that contribute to cellular processes in cancer, fibrotic disorders, immune modulation, and wound healing.

Jan van Duersen, Ph.D.
Professor, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Professor, Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine

The Vita Valley Professorship of Cellular Senescence (a nonprofit foundation created by the Noaber Foundation of the Netherlands to accelerate innovation in health care)

Dr. van Duersen is also Director, Mayo Transgenic and Gene Knockout Core Facility, and leads the Cellular Senescence Research Program of the Robert and Arlene Kogod Center on Aging. Dr. van Deursen’s research focuses on mechanisms that regulate development of cancer and aging-related disorders.


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