Procedural Skills Laboratory

Recent trends in anatomy education provide greater emphases on conceptual understanding of the discipline leading to better knowledge of procedural skills and problem solving ability. To ensure balance between conceptual learning and procedural skills, Mayo Clinic developed a Procedural Skills laboratory (PSL) designed to facilitate training in clinical/surgical skills.

The PSL is intended for staff, residents, and medical students as they learn and perfect clinical procedures on cadaveric specimens. The PSL space was designed to accommodate several small groups or a single group (up to 60). The area includes ample space for micro-vascular surgical training and a temporal bone laboratory; we now have a dedicated distance learning classroom with audiovisual links to the laboratory. In addtion, a large area is dedicated as a gross anatomy teaching laboratory, cadaver procurement and preparation facility, and a preparation room to clean and store surgical instruments. The teaching staff demonstrate procedures for joint arthroscopy, spinal taps, suture and staple placement, flap raising, central line placement, airway management, emergency medicine and trauma procedures. Learners have ample space for observing demonstrations and practicing procedures.

Demand for its use continues to grow. The goal is to achieve a balanced program that will promote the development of both procedural skills and the conceptual understanding of gross anatomy.