Office of Women's Health

Established in 2001, the Office of Women's Health is a hub for research, education and patient care activities related to women's health in all departments and divisions at Mayo Clinic.

Specifically, the office:

  • Works to coordinate, integrate and share information regarding Mayo Clinic's many women's health programs
  • Promotes intradepartmental and interdepartmental integration of women's health care practices
  • Provides high-quality women's health education to health care providers, patients and the community through intramural and extramural programs
  • Facilitates women's health research opportunities through faculty training, development and mentoring
  • Identifies and supports implementation of best practices to deliver safe, consistent, high-quality and fiscally responsible care for women
  • Develops women's health practice metrics to measure clinical care, quality, safety and patient satisfaction outcomes

Mayo Clinic staff members may visit the Mayo intranet for more information about the Office of Women's Health (must be logged in to the Mayo network).