Imaging and Outcome Team

Image showing the Program for HLHS team

Imaging and Outcome team (from left to right): Mark A. Bransford; Timothy M. Olson, M.D.; Patrick W. O'Leary, M.D.; Benjamin W. Eidem, M.D.; Karen P. Krucker, R.N.; Phillip M. Young, M.D.; Angela R. Miller, R.D.C.S.; and Chelsea L. Reece, R.D.C.S.


The Imaging and Outcome team is directed by Patrick W. O'Leary, M.D.

Dr. O'Leary, a practicing cardiologist and clinical researcher, served for 15 years as the clinical director of the Pediatric Echocardiography Laboratory at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. His primary research focus is on the use of echocardiography in the evaluation and management of children with all types of heart disorders.

Working closely with Dr. O'Leary are Benjamin W. Eidem, M.D., Paul R. Julsrud, M.D., and Phillip M. Young, M.D. Like Dr. O'Leary, Dr. Eidem is a pediatric cardiologist and clinical researcher. He is the clinical director of the Pediatric Echocardiography Laboratory at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. His research focuses on noninvasive imaging of fetuses, children and adults with congenital heart disease, with a particular emphasis on the assessment of ventricular function.

Drs. Julsrud and Young are cardiac radiologists with special expertise and interest in using cardiac magnetic resonance imaging to evaluate people with congenital cardiovascular malformations.

Dedicated staff

Three sonographers who specialize in the congenital population are dedicated to the Todd and Karen Wanek Family Program for Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (HLHS) — Angela R. Miller, R.D.C.S.; Chelsea L. Reece, R.D.C.S.; and Rebecca K. Lindquist, R.D.C.S. Karen P. Krucker, R.N., the program's dedicated study coordinator, has more than 35 years of research experience at Mayo Clinic.

Infrastructure utilized

Program for HLHS researchers are members of the Cardiovascular Ultrasound Imaging and Hemodynamic Laboratory (Echocardiography Laboratory) at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. This laboratory is one of the largest clinical, educational and research echocardiographic laboratories in the world. It has a long history of collaborating with researchers to comprehensively assess heart structure and function, as well as normal and abnormal blood flow within the heart.

The Congenital Echocardiography Laboratory, part of the larger Echocardiography Laboratory, includes experienced pediatric and adult congenital cardiologists and sonographers who specialize in the ultrasound evaluation of congenital heart defects. Additionally, the Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging Laboratory at Mayo Clinic provides state-of-the-art assessments of cardiac anatomy and function in all forms of heart disease and at all stages of life.