Healthy Aging and Independent Living Program


The Healthy Aging and Independent Living Program within the Kogod Center on Aging designs, prototypes and pilots new services and technologies that can help keep older adults healthy and independent for as long as possible.

This research effort includes developing advanced technologies to promote independence; monitoring and predicting changes in function and clinical status; enacting and coordinating community-based pharmacological, physical and provider interventions; and educating patients and caregivers.

Program leadership

HAIL Program director: Nathan K. LeBrasseur, Ph.D.

Watch a video about the Healthy Aging and Independent Living Program.


Nathan K. LeBrasseur, Ph.D.

We're very obsessed with this very simple question of why do we get older. What makes us age? What is aging? I think we struggle with the very basic concept of that.

What I was witnessing in the clinical setting as a physical therapist was the fact that older individuals are struggling with doing very basic activities of daily living.

Our partnership formed when we developed a program called HAIL — Healthy Aging Independent Living. And it's an initiative where we're trying to understand ways to promote and enable older persons to live healthy and independently for longer.

Here we're actually taking clinicians and scientists and partnering them with designers, so we can try out that new technology and really kind of learn a lot about the human experience. What we're looking at are things that can be applied tomorrow. So there's nothing to kind of delay their transition into real life and people's homes to make a real impact.