Registry Studies

The following list represents active projects using the resources of the Esophageal Adenocarcinoma and Barrett's Esophagus (EABE) Registry Consortium.

  1. Predicting the Presence of Dysplasia in Barrett's Esophagus: Risk Stratification by Artificial Neural Network Early Markers of Risk

    Mayo Clinic in Rochester
    Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Biostatistics, Rochester
    Ananya Das, M.D.
    V. K. Sharma, M.D.
    Daniel Sargent, Ph.D.
    Qian Shi, Ph.D.
    Brian Kabat
  2. Evaluation of QOL in survivors of esophageal cancer using the EABE Registry

    Radiation Oncology Gastroenterology
    Robert Miller, M.D. Mary Fredericksen, CCRP
    Debra Geno, CCRP
    Medical Oncology Thoracic Surgery
    Aminah Jatoi, M.D. Claude Deschamps, M.D.
    Mayo Clinic Cancer Center Statistics  
    Pamela J. Atherton, M.S.
    Jeff A. Sloan, Ph.D.
    Brian F. Kabat
  3. Stool markers for Barrett's esophagus and esophagus cancer

    Mayo Clinic in Rochester
    David Ahlquist, M.D.  
  4. FISH is a good technique for detecting tumor cells in cytologic specimens

    Mayo Clinic in Rochester
    Kevin C. Halling, M.D.  
  5. Comparison of CT, PET and EUS-FNA in the Assessment of Tumor Response to Chemotherapy-Radiation in Esophagus Cancer

    Mayo Clinic in Florida Mayo Clinic in Arizona
    George Kim, M.D.
    Tajel Patel, M.D.
    Tim Woodward, M.D.
    Mike Wallace, M.D.
    Tim Gardner, M.D.
    Mike Levy, M.D.
    Qian Shi, Ph.D.
    Brian Kabat
    Bert Miller, M.D.
  6. Genome-wide association study of Barrett's esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma

    Barrett's Esophagus and Adenocarcinoma Consortium
  7. Hypothesis: The gene expression profile comparison between Barrett's esophagus and small intestine may lead to new insights into underlying mechanisms and the development of novel biomarkers

    Anil Rustgi, M.D.  
  8. Effect of Roux-en-Y gastric bypass in obese patients with Barrett's esophagus: attempts to eliminate duodenogastric reflux.

    Thoracic Surgery
    Mayo Clinic in Rochester
    Michael Sarr, M.D. Yvonne Romero, M.D.
    S. G. Houghton, M.D.  
  9. Outcomes of Barrett's Esophagus in Olmstead County

    Mayo Clinic in Rochester
    Prasad Ganapathy, M.D.  
  10. Clonal Analyses of Therapeutic Responses in Esophageal

    Mayo Clinic in Florida
    Mike Barrett
    Tim Woodward, M.D.
    Mike Wallace, M.D.