Mayo Clinic Book of Alternative Medicine

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The New Approach to Using the Best of Natural Therapies and Conventional Medicine

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Mayo Clinic Wellness Solutions DVD Series

Mayo Clinic offers a series of 10 wellness solutions DVDs. Topics include arthritis, back pain, diabetes, fibromyalgia, heart health, high blood pressure, insomnia, irritable bowel syndrome, menopause, and weight loss.

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Meditation on your iPhone or iPod Touch

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Mayo Clinic Meditation is a clinically validated method of meditation you can easily practice using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Developed by Mayo Clinic, this meditation program will help you feel more focused and relaxed throughout your day.

Meditation Program

While meditation has long been associated with spiritual practices, recently improved understanding of the physiologic changes associated with meditation has demystified the ancient practice. Now the potential for meditation to help those with various medical conditions — including mood disorders, insomnia, chronic pain, addictions, memory loss, stress and overall quality of life — is increasingly being recognized.

The CIM program offers a simple, easy-to-learn meditation course for employees and patients. The meditation program is designed as a single 90 minutes session conducted by Dr. Amit Sood. Participants receive a DVD to practice meditation on their own. This program has been tested in a research study conducted at Mayo Clinic. Participants in this study showed a significant decrease in symptoms of anxiety (Smith Anxiety Inventory) and stress (Perceived Stress Scale) along with improvement in overall quality of life (Linear Analog Self Assessment Scale). Several additional studies incorporating this program are in progress.