Office of Translation to Practice


To facilitate the translation of novel products into clinical practice by enabling bidirectional interactions between strategic academic and industry collaborators and Mayo Clinic researchers, thus accelerating Mayo Clinic's translational research into practice.


Andrew D. Badley, M.D.

Mayo Clinic investigators who wish to develop products have had to forge their own product development pathways to "translate" research. However, few investigators have the complete skill set, resources, or multifunctional and multidisciplinary teams needed to oversee a product from inception, to development, to testing, to implementation.

"Invention occurs when smart people ask smart questions and test innovative solutions. Mayo Clinic's pool of skilled researchers and clinician-scientists regularly invent novel treatments and tools for which they need assistance to realize their full potential," says Andrew D. Badley, M.D., director of the Office of Translation to Practice and co-principal investigator of the Mayo Clinic Center for Clinical and Translational Science (CCaTS).

"The Office of Translation to Practice's primary focus of facilitating translation of research discoveries into the practice affords Mayo Clinic new and unique opportunities to develop innovative medicines and devices that benefit our patients and patients worldwide," he adds.

Potential academic and commercial strategic collaborators are often unaware of Mayo Clinic's technology and resource scope. They don't always connect with appropriate investigator or clinician key opinion leaders when seeking highly valued expert guidance for their products or when seeking to license in or co-develop products.


The CCaTS Office of Translation to Practice offers new resources and modes of operation to identify and enable research with the potential to be translated into practice through team science — the "product" of translational research.

When "products" have the potential for commercialization, the Office of Translation to Practice collaborates with Mayo Clinic Ventures to create development and commercialization plans.

Resources available

The Office of Translation to Practice offers many resources to provide optimum services to researchers:

  • Strategic collaborations to provide necessary services to advance Mayo Clinic products.
  • Product-specific Project Management Teams composed of content experts and stakeholders who decide on project paths, timelines and milestones.
  • Translation Boards with Mayo Clinic researcher and clinician key opinion leaders who identify and vet products from strategic collaborations to assist in advancing them into clinical trials in exchange for financial value to Mayo Clinic.
  • Novel Technologies Pathways to facilitate translation to clinical practice by early involvement of specialty councils and Mayo Clinic centers (for example, Center for Connected Care, Center for Individualized Medicine, Center for Regenerative Medicine) in product development.
  • Connecting researchers and collaborators to identify, create, nurture and support close relationships and promote team science with both intramural and extramural collaborations through pre-existing global confidential disclosure agreements that allow free exchange of ideas and pre-negotiated intellectual property agreements.

Diffusion to practice

The Office of Translation to Practice's goal is to create products that will be adopted by Mayo Clinic's clinical practice. The office creates multidisciplinary teams that involve key stakeholders at different stages throughout the product development process, maximizing the likelihood the product will have clinical utility.

Products may align with any technology that directly impacts patient care, including drugs and drug candidates, monitoring devices, prosthetics, implantable medical devices, or information technology.

Illustration of the specific features along the project management process:

Translation Boards: A key Mayo Clinic differentiator

Interactions with strategic collaborations in drug development have shown that corporate entities that develop biomedical products spend inordinate amounts of time and energy searching for the correct clinical and scientific content experts.

As a solution, the Office of Translation to Practice has created new Translation Boards that are uniquely populated by Mayo Clinic's key opinion leaders with scientific and clinical expertise carefully matched to each product development opportunity to properly vet their advancement.

This new service is a key differentiator of Mayo Clinic from other academic medical centers. The depth and breadth of Mayo Clinic's Translation Boards derives from Mayo Clinic's bottom-up multidisciplinary, multispecialty team approach and culture, not easily replicated elsewhere.

The Office of Translation to Practice continues to build awareness and value of this new resource. This is done through engaging and educating current and potential corporate collaborations with new product development opportunities that showcase the process and value of Mayo Clinic's Translation Boards.

Translation Board participation offers Mayo Clinic investigators and clinicians an educational experience in corporate product development and team science. It provides an opportunity to guide the proper inception and trajectory of products that assure Mayo Clinic's primary value: The needs of the patient come first.

Benefits to Mayo Clinic, investigators and collaborations

The Office of Translation to Practice:

  • Strengthens and promotes the culture of innovation within Mayo Clinic research and practice by promoting team science, an institutional operating principle and a necessary component of competitive science in today's scientific landscape.
  • Transforms the way that research is conducted at Mayo Clinic. Investigators will see product development in teams as a viable endpoint to their research.
  • Expands research opportunities with strategic collaborators and corporate entities that benefit from the uniquely configured Translation Boards and access to key opinion leaders in medically impactful areas.

These collaborations position Mayo Clinic investigators and collaborators at the leading edge of product development to provide better solutions for patients.


To schedule a consultation with the Office of Translation to Practice or for more information, contact:

  • Thomas (TC) D. Chung, Ph.D.
  • Associate Director, Office of Translation to Practice
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  • Jenny A. Weis, R.N.
  • Administrator, Center for Clinical and Translational Science
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Thomas (TC) D. Chung, Ph.D.; Andrew D. Badley, M.D.; and Jenny A. Weis, R.N.