Jennifer Arroyo

Why did you choose research as a career?

I loved that you could use your ingenuity and hard work to find answers to questions no one has answered before.

What attracted you to Mayo Graduate School?

The clinical and translational science track (of course) and the proximity of the research to the clinical sciences.

Why did you choose the clinical and translational science track?

I have an interest in basic science and a passion for physiology. I wanted a program that kept in mind that all biological processes happen within an organ system and sometimes between organ systems.

I believed the clinical and translational science track would help build a foundation to interact with physicians and help me advance my basic science discoveries into the clinic.

What do you like about Rochester, Minn.?

I love the small-town feel and sense of work-life balance the community has.

What are your plans for the future?

I hope to continue research and inspire undergraduates to follow a career in science.