Mark McNiven, Ph.D., director, and Mark Zobitz, administrator, lead innovative research teams studying complex biological systems through the Center for Biomedical Discovery.

The Mayo Clinic Center for Biomedical Discovery was established to enhance innovative research focused on the biological processes impacting disease. Mayo patients have come to expect our health care to be the most current available. To sustain this, a vigorous discovery science program is necessary to facilitate the interaction amongst scientists and health care providers.

Initially, three platforms of excellence are focusing scientific activities on disease processes spanning most organ systems. The center establishes new collaborations and cross-disciplinary teams of investigators to maximize resources, funding and results.

The Center for Biomedical Discovery is an umbrella over Mayo research activities to maintain a world-class academic medical center. It oversees a comprehensive portfolio of research that spans the spectrum from discovery to clinical trials.

The center's leadership team and faculty work together to maximize available resources and discovery knowledge to transform health care in areas that have the greatest potential to improve the care for patients worldwide.