The Magnetic Resonance Research Laboratory within the Opus Building provides many educational opportunities for students and post-doctoral fellows. Graduate students, who are generally enrolled in the Biomedical Engineering Track of the Mayo Graduate School, work under the direction of one or more MRI faculty members on a dissertation project leading to a Ph.D. degree.

The students are given the opportunity to use state-of-the-art resources within the lab, including whole body 1.5T and 3.0T MRI scanners, electronics and wet laboratories, animal surgery and preparation rooms, and office and meeting room space. The MRI research facilities are also used for the training of post-doctoral fellows and residents. Projects often include not only technical development and evaluation of feasibility but can also lead to interactions with clinicians in the evaluation of new techniques by the student or fellow.

Since the creation of the Magnetic Resonance Research Laboratory in 1988, more than 30 students have received a Ph.D. degree in MRI. These graduates have gone on to a variety of positions, with careers in industry, academia, government, and clinical settings. Short-term educational programs are also available to high school and college level students.