Lung Programs

Lung injury and repair

The Lung Injury and Repair Program focuses on better understanding the ways that the respiratory tract responds to lung injury and critical illness. The program aims to improve Mayo Clinic's care management systems in the intensive care unit and better understand the basic mechanisms of lung injury in mechanically ventilated individuals.

Interstitial lung disease

The Interstitial Lung Disease Program focuses on inflammatory and fibrotic interstitial lung diseases and vascular-based illnesses of the respiratory system.

The program is working to derive new agents that will block the progressive and fatal fibrosis that accompanies many of the interstitial lung diseases. It's also working on new methods to detect these illnesses earlier, when they may be more amenable to therapies.

Airway disease

The Airway Disease Program is devoted to the expanding epidemic of asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). These extremely common disorders involve limitation of airflow due to allergic or smoke-induced inflammation and lung damage.

The Heart and Lung Research Center is studying innate and adaptive immunity and lung responses to tobacco smoke and other environmental toxins. Center researchers are using this information to develop new methods to speed diagnosis and devise new treatments, all aimed at improving the lives of patients.