Heart and Lung

The Cardiovascular Research Center at Mayo Clinic is focused on advancing innovative therapeutics and novel diagnostics to treat and prevent cardiovascular disease.

A major goal of the Cardiovascular Research Center is to enable translational research, which includes promoting entrepreneurship and commercialization. The center has a unique entrepreneurship program designed to create breakthrough therapies and diagnostic tests that contribute to its overall mission of reducing the burden of cardiovascular disease.

Motivating the faculty and staff of the Mayo Clinic Cardiovascular Research Center is the high global prevalence of cardiovascular disease, which remains the No. 1 cause of death worldwide. There is a compelling need to study the underlying causes of the many types of cardiovascular disease and to create new methods of prevention and treatment.

The center supports discoveries from the laboratory all the way to drug, device and diagnostic approval. The Cardiovascular Research Center has seven cardiovascular research programs and resources that translate scientific discoveries from the lab into leading-edge treatments and therapies for patients with cardiovascular disease. The center also facilitates patient care and clinical trials for cardiovascular disease.