Xenograft Core

The Xenograft Core within the Mayo Clinic Brain Cancer SPORE provides SPORE investigators with robust animal models that recapitulate the invasiveness seen in the human phenotype.

The Xenograft Core develops and maintains several serially transplantable glioblastoma multiforme tumor lines that are characterized for glioblastoma multiforme signature lesions. The serially passaged xenografts provide a more clinically relevant model than do established cell lines grown as xenografts.

Specifically, the Xenograft Core:

  • Develops and maintains xenograft tumors and brain tumor-initiating cultures derived from patients with glioblastoma multiforme
  • Compares tumors derived from brain tumor-initiating cultures with direct xenografting of patient tissue
  • Provides detailed molecular and functional characterization of each xenograft line
  • Collects, processes and distributes xenograft and brain tumor-initiating culture tumor samples within and beyond the Mayo Clinic Brain Cancer SPORE
  • Coordinates and conducts in vivo experiments using the xenograft/brain tumor-initiating cultures panel
  • Coordinates and conducts imaging studies using the xenograft/brain tumor-initiating cultures panel
  • Establishes secondary models for therapeutic resistance in select xenograft lines
  • Maintains up-to-date records on all brain tumor-initiating cultures, xenograft tissues and related biospecimens

Core leadership

The director of the Xenograft Core is: