Brain Cancer SPORE Developmental Research Program

The Developmental Research Program of the Mayo Clinic Brain Cancer SPORE Grant supports innovative and scientifically sound projects that investigate a question pertaining to some aspect of translational research in gliomas and other primary brain tumors.

The program's premise is that support of developmental research projects will result in the generation of new hypotheses that will be tested within full Brain Cancer SPORE-sponsored research projects or through other peer-reviewed external grant support.

Director: Robert B. Jenkins, M.D., Ph.D.

Program details

Developmental Research Program objectives are:

  • To encourage innovative, translationally relevant laboratory, population and clinical studies while fostering extensive collaboration between basic and population science as well as clinical disciplines
  • To encourage investigators in related fields to evaluate the potential of applying their research findings in translational projects in brain tumors, while keeping the main focus of generating new hypotheses to test in large-scale research projects or clinical trials

The Developmental Research Program provides up to $50,000 a year for one or more projects each year. The Brain Cancer SPORE calls for applications annually, and experienced SPORE investigators formally peer review submissions.

Developmental Research Program funds are awarded based on:

  • The qualifications of the applicant, with emphasis on prior productivity and potential for success as an independent translational brain tumor researcher
  • The significance, scientific merit and translational potential of the proposed research
  • The value added to the Mayo Clinic Brain Cancer SPORE