Focus Areas: Pharmacogenetics

Pharmacogenetics researchers in the Developmental Therapeutics Program focus on the role of genetic inheritance in drug response. They study two aspects of a patient's response to drugs: drug response and adverse drug reaction.

For example, some patients don't get the desired response from a therapeutic drug, while others have a strong negative reaction to it. Several factors may contribute to these reactions, such as age, sex and underlying disease.

Here are specific research areas in pharmacogenetics:

Research area Laboratories Faculty
The Pharmacogenomics Research Network Pharmacogenomics – Richard M. Weinshilboum
The pharmacogenomics of fluoropyrimidines Dihydropyrimidine Dehydrogenase Deficiency – Robert B. Diasio
The pharmacogenomics of gemcitabine Pharmacogenomics and Drug Targets – Liewei Wang
The pharmacogenomics of tamoxifen and endoxifen Pharmacogenomics – Richard M. Weinshilboum
The pharmacogenetics of irinotecan