Other Initiatives

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center physicians and scientists are engaged in a number of research, education, training and clinical efforts that expand beyond the 10 research programs within the Cancer Center.

These efforts include:

Cooperative groups and collaborations

Mayo Clinic Cancer Center researchers collaborate regularly with scientists and clinicians in other organizations worldwide through cancer cooperative groups and a range of collaborations.

Health disparities

For a variety of reasons, some of which are not yet clear, there are health gaps between minority and white Americans. For example, some groups develop certain diseases at a much higher rate than do other groups. African-Americans are more likely to develop cancer than are any other races for all cancers combined, for instance. African-Americans also develop major cancers, such as breast cancer, prostate cancer and colorectal cancer, more than other groups.

One program within the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center that addresses health disparities in cancer is Live Well. Be Well.

It is a community outreach and education program managed by a team of physicians and coordinators from Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Fla. As part of the program, team members visit local churches, participate in area health fairs, partner with local organizations on cancer education and awareness projects, and host educational seminars about cancer awareness in the community.

Native populations

The Mayo Clinic Cancer Center is involved in a number of outreach, awareness and education activities throughout the American Indian and Alaska Native populations of North America, an effort collectively called native populations.

Other areas of research

Many Mayo Clinic Cancer Center physicians and scientists lead laboratories and groups that conduct research related to cancer. These research efforts include numerous types of cancer and related diseases and conditions, and span everything from diagnosis to treatment, including liver disease, chronic pain, pharmacogenomics, stem cells and vaccines. Learn more about these other areas of cancer research.

Patient education

The Cancer Education Program of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center provides cancer education services for patients, their families, the community at large and health care providers at all three Mayo Clinic campuses — in Scottsdale, Ariz.; Jacksonville, Fla.; and Rochester, Minn.