The Biomedical Ethics Program at Mayo Clinic assesses and addresses difficult questions about right and wrong in medicine and biomedical science. Members of the Biomedical Ethics Program conduct rigorous research, teach and engage in policy discussions about ethical questions.

As scientific discoveries are made and health care evolves, the values at stake in biomedical science and health care are contested and debated.

The solutions to these debates are rarely straightforward, and they involve complex trade-offs for scientists, clinicians and health care organizations. How such questions are answered strikes at the heart of what it means to conduct biomedical science and deliver health care with human decency and fairness.

The Biomedical Ethics Program provides institutional and national leadership on ethical issues raised by translational research and integration of new medical technologies into patient care.

The Biomedical Ethics Program was established in 2013. It welcomes collaborations with investigators both inside and outside of Mayo Clinic who want to study the ethical implications of their research.