Tissue and Cell Molecular Analysis (TACMA)

The Tissue and Cell Molecular Analysis (TACMA) Shared Resource of the Mayo Clinic Cancer Center is a resource of expertise, collaborative support, and service for microtomy, cryo-sectioning, immunohistochemistry, laser capture microdissection, and digital image capture. The TACMA Shared Resource occupies 1,000 sq. ft.. The laboratory is fully equipped with chemicals, solvents, glassware, gas, air, deionized water, and house vacuum. We have access to a shared cold room, a general equipment room, and a specially designed PCR facility all on the same floor. Secretarial, glasswashing, engineering, and machine shop services are available.

The TACMA Shared Resource, under the direction of Dr. Wilma Lingle, contains computers (n=8) that are networked with the pathology laboratory information systems (CoPath and LAB3), Biostatistics Resource, and the Internet. Software is extensive and includes word processing, scientific graphing, presentation graphics, database, statistical programs, and e-mail. There is also online access to all publicly available protein and DNA sequence databases.

The TACMA laboratory is fully equipped with items such as balances, spectrophotometers, centrifuges, and freezers (-20°C and -80°C). Major items present in this lab include: a manual tissue microarray device, two BLISS Imaging Systems (Bacus Laboratories) for digital image capture and analysis, a Hettich Cytocentrifuge Universal 16A, a Shandon refrigerated tissue freezing bath, two Leica 1850 cryostats for cutting frozen sections, four Leica 2025 rotary microtomes for cutting paraffin sections, PixCell II and AutoPix Laser Capture Microdissection Systems (Arcturus), an Olympus BX50 multiheaded microscope, and two automated immunohistochemical stainers from Dako Corporation.