The Cytogenetics Shared Resource provides routine and advanced cytogenetics services to Mayo investigators. These services include routine cytogenetic analysis, spectral karyotype (SKY) analyses of metaphases, interphase and metaphase fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH), comparative genomic hybridization (CGH), and schedulable fluorescent microscope and imaging system time. Such services can aid in the identification of genetic regions important for the development of specific malignancies.

These services can also be used to characterize the clonality of tumor specimens and determine the origin (e.g., mouse vs. human) of a specific tumor culture. The shared resource has supported the research of over 50 investigators during the past 7 years, performing routine cytogenetic, CGH, SKY and FISH analyses on over 150, 60, 40 and 2200 cases, respectively. The shared resource has recently added comparative genomic hybridization to array (CGHa) services.