Biospecimens Accessioning and Processing (BAP) Shared Resource

The Biospecimens Accessioning and Processing (BAP) Shared Resource

  • provides a central facility to electronically accession biospecimens intended for translational research
  • proceses specimens appropriately according to their projected end use
  • provides nucleic acid extraction services
  • provides cryopreservation of mononuclear cells and EBV immortalization of B lymphocytes.

One of the most valuable contributions of the BAP resource is the specimen annotation that is brought into the Research Biospecimen Database at the time of specimen accessioning. Together, the electronic biospecimen accessioning combined with basic specimen processing, EBV immortalization, and nucleic acid extraction services have created a very powerful, synergistic Shared Resource invaluable for supporting the translational, epidemiologic, and basic research programs for Mayo investigators.

Future objectives for this shared resource include

  1. developing strategies to routinely collect tissues from all three Mayo sites for future RNA extraction without compromising histology and immunohistochemistry
  2. expanding to all three Mayo sites the electronic accessioning of specimens into a central Research Biospecimen Database. This collection of biospecimens will allow us to build a unique, valuable resource of highly annotated specimens to support cancer research.