Mayo Rehabilitation Research


Basford, Jeffrey R. M.D., Ph.D.


This program provides qualified physicians and doctoral-level scientists the training necessary to permit them to become leaders in rehabilitation related research.

The program offers five tracks (Biomechanics; Biostatistics/Epidemiology/Health Services Research; Multiple Sclerosis; Acquired Brain Injury; and Pain), which have been chosen to optimize the combination of the resources of the Mayo Clinic with important areas of rehabilitation-related research. Each track is tailored to the specific needs of a trainee but all will begin with the trainees working for a limited time with their mentors on ongoing research projects relevant to their interests.

Trainees are then expected to:

  • Rapidly begin their own, self-initiated projects
  • Become capable of sustained individual research
  • Submit NIH-quality grant applications by the end of their training period


  1. An, Kai-Nan Ph.D.
  2. Basford, Jeffrey R. M.D., Ph.D.
  3. Brown, Allen W. M.D.
  4. Kaufman, Kenton R. Ph.D.
  5. Leibson, Cynthia L. Ph.D.
  6. Low, Phillip A. M.D.
  7. Lucchinetti, Claudia F. M.D.
  8. Melton, L. Joseph III M.D.
  9. Pittelkow, Mark R. M.D.
  10. Rodriguez, Moses M.D.
  11. Sandroni, Paola M.D., Ph.D.
  12. Scarisbrick, Isobel A. Ph.D.
  13. Therneau, Terry M. Ph.D.
  14. Weinshenker, Brian G. M.D.


Successful candidates will be selected on the basis of academic record, research experience, career goal, letter of recommendation and motivation for a career in academic rehabilitation.

Postdoctoral appointees must have received, as of the beginning date of the NRSA appointment, a Ph.D., M.D. or comparable doctoral degree. Appointees must also be a citizen or non-citizen national of the United States or must have been legally admitted as a permanent resident.