About Dr. Adler

Charles H Adler, M.D., Ph.D.

Charles Adler Professor of Neurology at Mayo Clinic and Chair of the Division of Movement Disorders, Department of Neurology. Dr. Adler has received numerous grants to investigate experimental treatments for Parkinson's disease, essential tremor, dystonia, and restless legs syndrome. Currently he is principal investigator of the Arizona Parkinson's Disease Consortium, a consortium of six research institutions in Arizona working on early diagnostic markers for Parkinson's disease and Parkinson's disease with dementia. They are funded by the Arizona Biomedical Research Commission and the Michael J. Fox Foundation.

He currently serves on the executive committee of the Dystonia Study Group and the by-laws committee of the Movement Disorders Society. He has served as the Vice-Chair of Research (Head of Human Subjects Research) and co-director of the Clinical Studies Unit at Mayo Clinic Scottsdale. He has also served on the editorial board of the journal Movement Disorders, executive committee of the American Academy of Neurology Section of Movement Disorders, industrial relations committee of the Movement Disorders Society, nominating and credentialing committees of the Parkinson Study Group, and was a member of the medical advisory board of the Restless Legs Syndrome Foundation.

He has published over 200 research papers and reviews, and edited a book entitled Parkinson's Disease and Movement Disorders: Diagnosis and Treatment Guidelines for the Practicing Physician. Dr. Adler was awarded the 2006 Distinguished Investigator of the Year Award at Mayo Clinic Arizona.