Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance

All 241 patients who had been diagnosed at the Mayo Clinic with an apparently benign monoclonal gammopathy before January 1, 1971, were followed followed forward through 1992. Of primary interest was the possible development of serious plasma cell proliferative disorders, however, the advanced age of many patients makes death from other causes a significant competing risk.

Most subjects in the study were discovered incidentally in the process of being examined for other indications. The laboratory values (albumin, creatinine, etc.) may be related to the severity of those other indications, but have shown less relationship to MGUS per se.

sample SAS code to read the data

Reference: R Kyle, Benign monoclonal gammopathy -- after 20 to 35 years of follow-up, Mayo Clinic Proc 1993; 68:26-36.