Randomized trial of rhDNase for treatment of cystic fibrosis

Note! A few subjects were infected at the time of enrollment, 951317 for instance has a first infection interval of -21 to 7. We do not count this first infection as an "event", and the subject first enters the risk set at day 7.
sample SAS code to read the data

Reference: TM Therneau and SA Mamilton, "rhDNase as an example of recurrent event analysis", Statistics in Medicine, vol 16, 2029-2047, 1997.

To our embarrassment, we cannot exactly reproduce the numbers in the paper. There are multiple ways to define an infection, the number of endpoints and exact timing of them changed at times during the analysis, and we didn't save copies of the relevant data. (For instance, does an infection start with oral antibiotic or is IV antibiotic required?) None of the substantive conclusions is changed; this data set gives the results in the book.