image of hand and knife
image of hand and knife

"The needs of the patient come first."

The Department of Anatomy aspires to contribute to this core value of Mayo Clinic by becoming the best at teaching the structure of the human body in a clinically relevant context to students in the health professions. We will strive for excellence in anatomy education by:

  • Presenting the highest-quality education centered around laboratory experiences to our students.
  • Developing and using the most effective and modern teaching techniques available, including web-based instruments.
  • Advancing as a resource for our clinical colleagues who benefit from anatomic studies.
  • Contributing to the improvement of medical education by conducting meaningful research in education and assessment.


The Department of Anatomy is committed to participate actively in the Mayo Clinic educational, research, and service endeavors and to share anatomical knowledge with the Mayo Community and with larger society. Our mission is to develop and promote biomedical knowledge in the field of the anatomical sciences by encompassing education, instruction, and research in Gross Anatomy, Developmental Anatomy, Microscopic Anatomy and Medical Education.