Support Regenerative Medicine Research

Gifts to the Center for Regenerative Medicine at Mayo Clinic provide hope to patients who require next-generation health care to treat complex conditions. One day, with your help, patients might live without heart disease, be freed from insulin, have alternatives to organ transplants and break lifelong dependence on medicine.

The promises are real. But so are the challenges.

Your support enables Mayo Clinic scientists and physicians to transform health care in nearly every area of medicine — cardiovascular, liver, musculoskeletal, brain, nerve, kidney, lung and more.

With your support, we can:

  • Generate new, patient-specific functional beta cells to treat diabetes
  • Strengthen the heart muscles of patients with heart disease or damage
  • Find alternatives to whole-organ transplants
  • Rebuild, repair or replace missing or damaged tissue and nerves
  • Treat the underlying valvular and vessel sources of cardiovascular disease
  • Enroll more patients in critical clinical studies

Your generosity allows Mayo Clinic to advance regenerative medicine research and translate science into life-changing applications.

With your help, the possibilities are endless.

Support regenerative medicine today.


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