Making an Impact: Giving to Individualized Medicine

Donations for individualized medicine produce new treatments, cancer survivors, lives without heart disease, freedom from arthritis.

Unlocking the mysteries of the human genome leads to a deeper understanding of health. Our genomic discoveries influence how to tailor medicine to meet unique patient needs.

Your support helps researchers, scientists and physicians improve health care by working with experts in the fields of genomics, clinomics, epigenomics, pharmacogenomics, the microbiome and biomarker discovery.

With your support, we can:

  • Enroll more patients in breast cancer studies and other clinical studies to uncover the best treatment for each person
  • Sequence the genome of a heart disease patient to determine his or her ability to metabolize medications
  • Predict a positive response to a drug therapy for Alzheimer's disease
  • Identify tumors by genetic fingerprint rather than location in the body, helping oncologists tailor treatment plans and chemotherapies
  • Educate patients on individualized medicine and continue leading edge research

Your generosity allows Mayo Clinic to expand and extend the advancements made in the Center for Individualized Medicine to patients at Mayo and around the world.

With your help, the possibilities are endless.

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Individualizing Medicine - Benefactor Impact

Generous benefactor support has made the Mayo Clinic Center for Individualized Medicine possible — moving the science further and faster, and enabling Mayo to routinely incorporate genomics into patient care.

Individualized Medicine - Giving to Individualized Medicine

Grateful patients Dan and Cecilia Carmichael become gracious benefactors following Cecilia's treatment of breast cancer at Mayo Clinic in Florida.