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Despite monumental advances in medicine, cancer remains a leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for about 9 million deaths a year, according to the World Health Organization. Indifferent to age, race or gender, cancer has a devastating and long-lasting effect.

The Mayo Clinic difference

Mayo Clinic sees a way forward. We're taking bold steps to bring new life-changing treatments into practice for cancer patients everywhere. Armed with the latest insights into the human genome and immune system, the Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center is forging ahead to conquer cancer.

The approach to cancer has changed from seeing it as a single disease to working at the molecular level to tailor treatment for each patient.

Using a patient's genetic makeup, Mayo Clinic Comprehensive Cancer Center doctors can identify courses of treatment or prescribe drugs that are most likely to be successful. Our researchers are making it possible to activate a patient's immune system to kill cancer cells. They're also working to find ways to detect cancer as early as possible or even prevent cancer through the identification of genetic markers.

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We all know someone who has been touched by cancer. We invite you to partner with us in our quest to conquer cancer.

Mayo Clinic benefactors across the globe are helping save more lives by supporting cancer research that converts science into real benefits for every patient, every day.

The most challenging work lies ahead. Your gift will make a difference, helping us turn promise into practice and speeding discovery, development and delivery of new treatments to patients with cancer.

Your gift helps us imagine the unimaginable — and make it reality.