Jamie L. Elvert, MLS(ASCP)CM

I have always been interested in a wide variety of subjects. But for a long time, I struggled to find a career that suited me personally. I wanted to be challenged on a daily basis, and I craved variety in my work.

While participating in undergraduate research at the University of Wisconsin-River Falls, I found that I enjoyed learning the results of research studies. But making discoveries myself did not motivate me nearly as much as the idea of helping people. Luckily, I discovered medical laboratory science — the perfect field to combine my love of laboratory work with my desire to make a direct impact on patients' lives.

At the Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) Program at Mayo Clinic, I became well-prepared for a career in a clinical laboratory. The rigorous curriculum was challenging in all the right ways, and opened doors that allowed me to form strong bonds with both the instructors and the fellow students. It was exciting to be lectured by some of the brightest minds in laboratory medicine, and I felt fortunate to receive such a strong base of knowledge to learn from.

Above all, the MLS Program prepared me professionally for work in a laboratory. The classroom experience allowed for personal development in time management and teamwork. By rotating through various laboratories at Mayo Clinic, I gained true insight into the importance, variability and challenges of laboratory careers. My experiences in the MLS Program left me amply prepared for all the challenges and opportunities that this exciting career has to offer.

Oct. 05, 2016