Faisa K. Ahmed, MLS(ASCP)CM

I chose the Medical Laboratory Science (MLS) Program at Mayo Clinic because it is a unique program that offers experiences and skills that are not available anywhere else in the world. Mayo Clinic is well-known for providing students with an outstanding educational atmosphere and a highly motivated faculty.

As an MLS student, it became clear that we would experience some of the best of the best at Mayo. For instance, the teachers and educational specialists are experts in their fields, and are always there for the students. They assist students far and beyond everything and make sure that each one of us is on track and no one is left behind.

"We want your diverse point of view." This is one of the statements that I heard at Mayo that stuck in my mind. This statement is disclosed every time I come across every single laboratory, break room, or even each time I cross the street, to the extent I feel that I'm in a mini replica of the world. In this replica, the mutual and primary value of the patient's needs comes first and is the main goal of the combined diverse points of views.

My clinical internship at Mayo exceeded my expectations. I had the chance to explore and learn more about the untold laboratory world and experience how medical laboratory scientists do their best to get accurate results for our well-valued patients, and their beloved families and friends. I'm always pleased and grateful every day that I'm part of Mayo Clinic and chose to stay on in the hematology morphology laboratory.

Oct. 05, 2016