Amine N. Issa, Ph.D.

  • Advisers: Gary C. Sieck, Ph.D. (thesis adviser), and Bruce D. Johnson, Ph.D. (postdoc adviser)
  • Area of emphasis: Physiology
  • Research area: Neurophysiology

My graduate research focused on identifying and quantifying neurotransmitters at synaptic boutons around the motoneurons.

Mayo Clinic is an intellectually stimulating environment with cutting-edge medical research and willing mentors. Most importantly, people here are good people who are always willing to help. The fact that Mayo is not primarily an academic institution makes it an interesting place to study.

The coolest place by far that I have been able to go was base camp of Mount Everest. This was part of a joint research expedition with North Face and National Geographic aimed at exploring the physiology of human performance and tying it back to cardiovascular patients. I can never express how fortunate I was to be a part of it or how much I learned, in science and otherwise.


  • One first-author publication
  • Two second-author publications with several manuscripts in preparation
Dec. 06, 2013