Hawthorne Health Initiative

Hawthorne Health Initiative, Rochester, Minn.

Mayo Clinic physicians, nurses and students volunteer their services at Hawthorne Education Center in Rochester, Minn. Hawthorne Health Initiative is an alliance of Rochester area health care service agencies, academic institutions, health professions education programs, community agencies and volunteers with the primary goal of promoting the health literacy for area adults and their preschool children.

The diverse population in the Hawthorne community comes together for adult literacy through the Rochester Public Schools. Learners ages 16 to 90 come from dozens of nations and states.

Hawthorne Health Service Mission Statement

Improving health care access and health literacy for the Hawthorne community by:

  • Providing limited health services at Hawthorne
  • Working close with other health care and service providers in the community
  • Assisting with follow-up for individuals with ongoing health concerns
  • Helping individuals understand the complexities of the health care system and health insurance

Services Include:

  • Doctor and nurse visits
  • Vision, hearing and TB testing
  • Breast exams by Mayo breast doctors
  • Help with making medical and dental appointments
  • Help with Medical Assistance and health insurance applications
  • Health education

These services are free to Hawthorne learners and their family members. Appointments are not required, with convenient daytime and evening hours available.

Dec. 07, 2011