Good Samaritan Medical and Dental Clinics

Good Samaritan Medical and Dental Clinics, Rochester, Minn.

Good Samaritan Health Clinic provides short-term medical and dental care and appropriate referrals at no cost to clients who meet eligibility guidelines.

Developed in partnership and collaboration with community leaders, the clinics provide care for the indigent, homeless and working poor who do not have health insurance.

Our medical students, residents, fellows, staff and allied health professionals regularly volunteer their services at the Good Samaritan Medical and Dental clinics.


Good Samaritan clinics provide short-term care focusing on assessment, evaluation and basic screening for medical and dental problems. All patients are reviewed by a social worker.

What physicians and medical students contribute:

  • Diagnosis and management of primary care issues
  • Free medication
  • Referral to Mayo Clinic as indicated
  • Patient education

What nurses and allied health professionals contribute:

  • Monitor diabetes and blood pressure
  • Conduct pregnancy tests
  • Counsel individuals on smoking cessation
  • Provide dietary prescriptions
  • Provide patient education
Dec. 07, 2011