Resident and Fellow

Mayo International Health Program (MIHP)

(Available only to current residents and fellows)

The Mayo International Health Program (MIHP) is a mentored scholarship program designed to help Mayo residents and fellows pursue elective rotations, providing medical care to underserved international populations.

An experience with MIHP allows residents and fellows the opportunity to:

  • Care for underserved patients
  • Increase cultural awareness
  • Gain exposure to the diagnosis and treatment of diseases not usually seen in modern Western medicine
  • Increase awareness of cost-effective care within settings of limited resources
  • Improve history and physical examination skills
  • Identify opportunities for research


For more information, email or visit the MIHP website.

Physician and Scientist Diversity Committee Programs for Women

This committee develops and implements programs designed to aid in the advancement of women and minority staff members in academic promotion and leadership at Mayo Clinic. Among the programs and activities sponsored by the committee are luncheons with institutional leaders, career development forums for trainees in basic science and clinical research programs, and CV reviews for junior staff with senior staff and members of the Academic Advancement and Promotions Committee.

Forum on Career Development and Opportunities for Women in Clinical and Research Training at Mayo

These evening events feature interaction and networking with other residents and fellows, and faculty women. Lively panel discussions and informal mentoring are provided two to three times a year on a variety of professional development topics. Events are aimed at providing connections with other women physicians, as well as insight into future opportunities for women clinicians and scientists at Mayo.

Nov. 06, 2015