Research Quarter

The 12-week research requirement introduces third-year students to the principles and practice of biomedical research. Students can explore in-depth an area of interest by working with a faculty member on a research project. The experience complements your career interest and offers critical exposure to scientific research methods. The goals of the research requirement are to:

  • Provide an educational research experience
  • Promote independent learning skills
  • Reinforce principles of basic sciences
  • Provide an environment where faculty role models stimulate students to pursue academic careers in which ongoing investigation plays an integral role

Research Objectives
The primary objective of the research requirement is to gain an understanding of how new biomedical knowledge is gained. This is achieved by:

  • Learning the discipline and rigor of hypothesis-driven research
  • Reviewing and critically evaluating the existing literature as a basis for the proposal
  • Writing a proposal to justify and describe the studies that you will complete
  • Completing the studies under the direction of an experienced investigator
  • Learning the skills to present scientific data at a local or national meeting
  • Writing a scientific paper for publication

Scientific Paper
A scientific paper, based on the research project, special studies, or subject review, is required. Suitable manuscripts are submitted for publication. Typically, more than 80 percent of student manuscripts are published.