Research Options

Mayo Clinic student examining sample in research lab

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine (all campuses) is ranked No. 6 best medical school in the country for research training. Research options include:

  1. Major biomedical research project. This involves completion of a full-time research project at Mayo Clinic's campus in Rochester, Minnesota; Phoenix/Scottsdale, Arizona; or Jacksonville, Florida, under the direction of a faculty member. Most students complete this option.
  2. Teaching assistant in anatomy and biomedical research project. Students selected to serve as teaching assistants during the Human Structure and Normal Function blocks may undertake a more limited research project.
  3. Major off-campus biomedical research project. On occasion, you may make arrangements to spend the research requirement off-campus under the supervision of faculty at another institution. In requesting such an option, your research proposal must represent an exceptional opportunity in research, and the supervising mentor must be an established investigator at the host institution.

Other research opportunities

The third-year research requirement is part of the spectrum of research opportunities you'll have at Mayo Clinic School of Medicine. Other options include:

April 03, 2018