Jacksonville, Florida

Photo of Mayo Medical School student at beach

School here is more than a day at the beach

Mayo Clinic School of Medicine students who opt to complete the last two years of their training in Jacksonville, Florida, will join approximately 5,000 Mayo Clinic care providers and staff working on the Florida campus. Patients of diverse cultures travel here from across the United States and the Americas for Mayo Clinic care.

In 1986, Mayo Clinic expanded its team approach to medical care to Florida. The 214-bed Mayo Clinic Hospital opened in 2008. Our medical, surgical and research staff represent more than 40 specialties.

Mayo Clinic's campus in Florida is recognized as the nation's leading liver transplant program. It is also acclaimed for its leading practices and research in the neurosciences, transplant and cancer treatment. Collaborations with nearby health care organizations expand this depth of experiential training for our students to additional pediatric specialties and diverse patient populations.

Jacksonville also boasts being young, fun and sunny. It's Florida's "youngest city" with an average age of 35. A few of the amenities to enjoy in this city of about 1 million people include a vibrant arts scene, fun family activities, professional sports, jazz festivals and pleasant year-round weather averaging more than 270 days of sunshine.

Explore Jacksonville and you will find an expansive city with 90 miles of beaches along the Atlantic Ocean and St. Johns River and one of the largest urban park systems in the country. Pack your computer and books, scuba gear, and a paddleboard or kayak if Mayo Clinic's Jacksonville campus is in your future.

Photo of Mayo Medical School student teaching in a classroom
Jan. 04, 2015