Photo of a Mayo Medical School student and Mayo physician with a patient

Faculty at Mayo Clinic School of Medicine consists of researchers, educators, scientists and professionals — unique individuals with areas of expertise — who are all members of the Mayo Clinic family.

Our 3.4:1 full-time faculty-to-student ratio allows for highly individualized instruction and supervision. Beyond full-time faculty, students have unparalleled access to more than 3,700 other Mayo Clinic clinicians and researchers across all three campuses.

Mayo medical students receive instruction directly from physician faculty who spend significant time in the clinic and hospital settings. From day one, students apply knowledge gained from didactic learning to patient care in the clinical setting alongside the faculty who deliver the curricula content.

The annual recognition of faculty for Teacher of the Year awards (nominated by Mayo medical students), the Faculty Development program and the Residents as Educator program are examples of the emphasis Mayo Clinic School of Medicine places on encouraging, developing and retaining outstanding faculty educators.

Our faculty's commitment to students is evidenced by the development of an adviser program, which matches students to a professional career adviser, and our Mentorship Family program, which assigns first-year medical students to a "Mayo family " that includes a faculty mentor and upper level class members. The mentorship family helps new matriculates transition to Rochester, Minn., and integrate into the Mayo medical community, and also provides networking opportunities for personal and professional development throughout their medical education.

The faculty at Mayo Clinic School of Medicine continually demonstrate exemplary commitment to students in order to ensure their academic achievement and professional success.

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Student perspectives

Hear what students have to say about faculty and their overall experience at Mayo Clinic School of Medicine:

  • "What excited me about Mayo Clinic School of Medicine was the extent to which I was exposed to clinical experiences from day one; all schools say this will happen, but at Mayo Clinic School of Medicine, the emphasis really is to treat patients from the very beginning."
  • "What surprised me about Mayo Clinic School of Medicine was the dedication of the faculty; they are world-renowned in their specialty, yet still take the time and enjoy teaching the students."
  • "I've been amazed at how accessible the consultants are to us as medical students. I can pick up the phone, call their pager or send an email without hesitation."
  • "The faculty are really attentive to our well-being emotionally and physically. Mayo Clinic School of Medicine has been more focused on balance and student wellness than any other medical school I've looked at."
March 22, 2018