Photo of Mayo Medical School students in a classroom

Selectives enrich the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine curriculum by encouraging innovation and leadership while offering a tremendous variety of learning experiences. Selectives are a significant component of our school's curriculum because they:

  • Allow students to develop important skills in professional interaction and management
  • Encourage students to practice a self-directed approach toward their medical curriculum
  • Promote personal responsibility for an enhanced learning experience
  • Provide career or personal exploration whether it be working in underserved communities, decompressing, taking part in remedial activities, exploring research interests or attending research presentations
  • Support students in achieving higher level learning objectives through reflection and enhancement of clinical skills or experiences related to medical education that are not provided in the medical curriculum

How selectives work

Selectives are one of the unique features of the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine curriculum. They are dedicated one- to two-week blocks that enable students to experience the self-directed approach behind the design of the medical curriculum, emphasizing personal responsibility for the learning experience.

Activities are not restricted to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and may be embarked upon at Mayo Clinic in Florida, Mayo Clinic in Arizona, Mayo Clinic Health System, or other national and international medical centers. Selective blocks may be self-proposed or selected from a list of available clinical experiences organized through Mayo Clinic. At the conclusion of each selective, feedback is expected from both the student and the mentor involved.

Feb. 19, 2014